05.- 07.06 2021

Cantina presents the performance series Skáles and the exhibition Skáles (Echo).

From the 5th to the 7th of June, Cantina will host the performance series Skáles and the one-day exhibition Skáles (Echo) with Sall Lam Toro, Sigrid Lerche, Mycelium, Christian Bang and Raido Rafn.

Based on Cantina's courtyard area's characteristic wide open staircase, which serves as both stage and audience space during the event, Cantina has invited a group of contemporary artists to rethink the ancient greek drama, figures and ideas. This has resulted in Skáles, a series of performances that examine, among other things, Aristotelian concepts of consensus, the worship of the goddess of love Aphrodite and the water-bearing zodiac, the mythology of the siren song and the cult of the sun.

The exhibition Skáles (Echo) is built up gradually by contributions as the individual performers leave traces in the exhibition space during the day. On the last day of the performance series on June 7, the exhibition will be open as a collective testimony and postscript.

We welcome you on the stairs.

Program SKÁLES 05.06 - 07.06

Saturday, June 5:


With their performance DEMISE OF THE AQUARIAN APHRODITE TROUPE, Sall Lam Toro invites the audience to a choreographic interpretation of various Greek mythical figures. The starting point is, among other things, the goddess Aphrodite and the myth of the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aphrodite represents virtues such as love, beauty and eroticism. Aphrodite, like the Aquarius, is associated with the sea and its fluidity, its destructive power and its contrasting nature.

As a choreographic grip, Toro uses a jinen butoh-inspired form of movement. Jinen butoh is a new form of butoh dance theater style developed by dancer and choreographer Atsushi Takenouchi. It focuses strongly on incorporating elements of nature and on the concept of biophilia, a desire or tendency to create communion with nature.

Toro (b. 1990) is an activist, dancer, performer and poet. Toro graduated from Aalborg University with a degree in Culture, Communication and Globalization with a specialization in Gender studies and was also trained as a Butoh dancer at Keio University in Tokyo. In addition, Toro's practices are informed by afro-futurism, decolonial aesthetics, philosophy and politics.

22:00 Sigrid Lerche: Songs Of The Sirens

In the performance Songs Of the Sirens, Lerche engages with the myth of the siren. Via live video stream, the audience is invited to a rocky shore, the Siren's natural habitat.

"First she bade us avoid the voice of the wondrous Sirens, and their flowery meadow. Me alone she bade to listen to their voice; but do ye bind me with grievous bonds, that I may abide fast where I am, upright in the step of the mast, and let the ropes be made fast at the ends to the mast itself; and if I implore and bid you to loose me, then do ye tie me fast with yet more bonds. "

-The Odyssey, Homer

Sigrid Lerche (b. 1992) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen in 2018. Lerche is an interdisciplinary performance artist who through the use of scenographies and characters explores concepts such as transformation, mythology, identity, fiction, occultism and cyberspace. Lerche has worked with various theater productions and draws some of her inspiration from LARPS (live action role playing games).

Sunday, June 6:

13:15 Mycelium: Helios - Mycelial Sun Mass

The performance Helios - Mycelial Sun Mass, is based on the Greek cult of sun worship. In the neoplatonic lamblichus, which narrates the parable of the cave, the sun in its designated place also includes that we recognize ourselves in the cosmic movements that have the sun as the center, the course of the season and the rhythm of the day. But the unbelieving sun, the sun of mycelium, is not the metaphysical immortal and invincible sun. It is the sun that bathes us in its rays. The sun burns in the oil. If the counterpart is the volcano, just as the counterpart in the eye is robbed. It is the sun that burns the retina. It dissolves the ego. There with violence and tenderness, which with brutal generosity distributes life and death. It consumes itself before the page to implode. The sun that dies.
With the sun at nadir / zenith, the ritual begins!

Mycelium is a collective manifestation and performance group. Spores can be found in the ancient cult of Dionysus and in the Pythagorean societies that surrounded the harmony of the spheres. Spores can also be identified among the so-called witches from the Middle Ages and in European alchemical societies. In 1518, they performed in Strasbourg as a subversive dance plague, and they were rediscovered in the Dadaist and Surrealist circles in the 1910s and 1920s. In 2016, they reappeared on the literary scene in Copenhagen. Anyone who connects with Mycelium and expresses themselves on behalf of Mycelium is then a medium for a more than individual being. This being can not be represented, it can only be done, performed and encouraged in societies that, through the exercise of solidarity, support the further growth of Mycelium. For Mycelium, all is potentially fertile soil to grow in.

18:00 Christian Bang & Raido Rafn: Endoxa

Endoxa, which comes from Greek, 'the things commonly assumed' refers to the Aristotelian concept of the majority of consensus as opposed to the position of the individual.

In the performance Endoxa, the visual artists Christian Bang Jensen and Raido Rafn enter into a discussion with each other and the audience through poetry, text, artifacts, tobacco and sculptures. Based on a fluid and improvised approach to stage, material and audience, they will in the encounter with brought objects, and the audience participates in a joint conversation about theory, magic and ecology.

Christian Bang Jensen (b. 1983) is a graduate of the Funen Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts in Malmö. He often works in sculpture and installation. His work is influenced by interests that revolve around marginal history, changing states of consciousness, mythologies and caves.

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Monday, June 7:

13 - 17 open in the exhibition Skáles (Echo)

The project is kindly supported the Danish Arts Foundation, the City of Aarhus and the Kirsten & Gunnar foundation.

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