Roses for the Wind

10.06 - 19.06 2022

The exhibition Roses for the Wind looks at some of the complex and refined support systems and structures that, in a figurative sense, sustain our society and existence. Welfare, ideologies, our Western understanding of time and how we position ourselves in it, and the expert systems we overlook in everyday life.

The project is a branch of, and first step in a long-term project that through its lifetime will develop and divide into several branches, projects and meanings. The exhibition focuses on the collaboration between Mikkel Carlsen and Ditte Lyngkær, where the starting point is based on the careful and specialized work behind the bearings that physically maintain our historical relics: Museum bearings.

The project will highlight these custom-made objects that are lovingly adapted to a singular purpose and object, as minimally conspicuous and safe for a selected artifact as possible. Roses for the Wind is a gesture for the craft and the inspiration the holders have inevitably gained through their lifetime, but also as a recognition of their purely aesthetic and underlying historical and societal significance. Like small three-dimensional drawings in space that tenderly reach into the void after their stomach, and ask the questions, what is content - what have we carried on? In what context did we carry it?

Roses for the Wind will open June 10 at 16-20 during Art Week